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Below are some helpful hints relating to our Web site. If all else fails you can always pick up the phone and call 813-677-5475 to speak to a real live person.

Hints On Navigating Our Web Site

The main navigation of the Web site will always appear at the top of each page in the form of tabs. Each tab represents a section of the site. One of the tabs will always be red, showing the section in which you are currently located. You will always know your current location and your available choices for your next destination by referring to the tabs.

Some tabs (sections) are further broken into sub-sections. If a tab (section) has sub-sections, these sub-sections will appear as text within the solid red bar below the tab. The text then links to content about that particular sub-section.

Hints On Ordering from Our Web Site


This section assumes that you have already received a PIN to log into the Customer Ordering area. If you do not have a PIN please click on the Customer Ordering tab for more information.

Ordering from EkkWill is simple. The following hints make it even easier.

1. Use the pictured menu of categories at the bottom of the pages of the Customer Ordering section to get to the items you wish to order. The pictured menu and a drop down box of the categories will always be there for you so you may get to any of our products at any time.

2. Use the drop down boxes next to the items you wish to order to choose your quantity. The price break you choose will then automatically appear in the quantity box. If you wish to change the quantity, press the tab key once to place the cursor in the quantity box or point your mouse to the quantity box and click. You may then type the quantity of your choice.

3. Each additon to your "bucket" will be confirmed with a sentence of red text. At any time you wish to view all of the items you have placed in your bucket, click the "View Bucket" text link in the solid red bar under the Customer Ordering tab.

Hints On Asking Specific Questions About Our Products

Use the Contact Us section to submit specific questions about our products. Click on the Contact Us tab and fill in the boxes. Please keep questions brief and to the point so we may serve you as efficiently as possible.

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