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2007-08-06 09:59 source: Asia Footwear Association the Asia Footwear Association on EU statistics bureau recently released data show that the euro zone's 13 June retail sales grew by 0.4% over the previous month, an increase of 0.9% over last year. Analysts previously predicted that retail sales in the euro area will grow by 0.8% in June, an increase of 1.6% over the same period last year. Compared with May, June, the euro zone's 13 "food, beverages and tobacco products," Eurostat, the data show that the euro zone's 13 June retail sales grew by 0.4% over the previous month, an increase of 0.9% over last year. : analysts had forecast that retail sales in the euro area would grow by 0.8% in June, an increase of 1.6% over the same period last year. compared with May, June retail sales of 13 euro zone countries "food, beverages and tobacco products," almost no change, including clothing, footwear and other daily necessities, non food commodity retail sales rose 0.8%. Retail sales of food, beverage and tobacco products fell by 0.4% compared with the same period last year, while retail sales of non food goods increased by 2.1%. : data show that retail sales in Germany, the largest economy in the euro area, rose by 0.7% in June compared with May, down 2.5% compared with the same period last year. in, retail sales in June increased by 0.5% compared with the previous month, compared with a 2.2% increase over the same period last year. (editor in chief: admin)Nike day before its Trainer 2 Safari this classic shoes Air'88 launched a new color, with the same shoes in the course of remarkable achievements of famous football players Barry Sanders as the inspiration to. Reference to the design of a symbol of his subordinate team Oklahoma State color, and before and after adding lime lines to be decorated, in order to enrich the overall sense of design. The shoes will be on sale in July 26th, love friends please note. nike-air-trainer-2-premium-safari-88-11.jpg (102.49 KB, download number: 6) download Nike Air Trainer 2 Premium Safari '88 new color 2014-7-21 10:23 Nike Air Trainer upload, 2, Safari 00Nike Hyperposite All-Star "Area 72" kind tushang 2013-12-08 23:00:19 This pair of Nike Hyperposite All-Star "Area 72" in the All-Star break approaching also exposed the physical picture, the continuation of "Area 72" themes to create, at the very attractive decorative details, like its friends You can look at. Nike Hyper cheap jordans posite All-Star "Area 72" Num: 583113-200 #Melo moment # November 28, 2009 to create a new career-high score of 50 points 2014-02-24 20:57:55 Sometimes he possessed as God-like, prayer touched the gods, do everything becomes magical. Contemptuously across the Knicks with Anthony playing a run and gun, completely ignoring defense, the first feel Anthony tried twice 'three-point play, "11 points - easy. Section II he and his teammates played the mass cut, contributing three dunks, but is 11 points, while Anthony H under 22 points in the first half, he did not think they will create some magical record. Section III teammates frequently to his passing, "vote for it, man, has been voted down," jumper, breakthrough dunk, three-point play, the third corner ...... 15 points. Fans began to stir, MVP! MVP resounded Arena. Helpless tenacious opponents, has been unable to get rid of, distal one up again to complete the three-point play, to help the team go-ahead free throws, Anthony breathe some children, his teammates helped him for a moment, Antony began Charge, rushed to the basket, rolling, jumping , foul, his free throws with 16 seconds before the whistle to help the team lead six minutes and remove the first 50 minutes. "I tried to slow down, and that the last two free throws too critical, I stood there, frozen in the air, but fortunately entered, it feels really good." Givenchy 2013 debut 2013-12-08 22:52:09 New men's fashion brand in recent years, fire & nbsp; Givenchy has released its 2013 first half of the new men's shoes, this series of shoes still retains the & nbsp; & nbsp; Givenchy iconic luxurious texture, but the shoes more than ever to add a hint of mature feeling. Design elements are also out of the Astral design, preparation techniques used in recent years into one hot, especially innovative. LVRS x Del Toro do not note shoes debut 2013-12-08 22:59:45 Miami's famous footwear brand Del Toro recently reunited founded by the rapper Theophilus London street brand LVRS, the two sides once again for the shoes fans friends bring a pair of co-branded version of the Slipper shoes. The shoes still uses the material to create a soft, velvet shoes, shoe body loaded with a blue rose pattern. It is reported that this pair of shoes will be in March jointly to the official line frame Del Toro brand.Source: Author: Click: according to the latest Deloitte Economic Research Institute data show that since 2012-2013 years people will ag air jordan 11 space jam for sale ain raise wages, help people consumption capacity, estimated in 2012 to stimulate the retail spending rose 1.2%, up 2.6% in 2013 according to the Deloitte Economic Research Institute of the latest data show that the 2012-2013 people wages will rise again, to help boost the Australian consumption capacity, estimated in 2012 to stimulate the retail spending rose 1.2% in 2013, increased by 2.6%. Australian consumer spending increased significantly in recent months, and benefit to promote business investment, Australia 2012 GDP will be a substantial increase in real wages, rising savings rate is driven and stabilized the retail consumer index, but the department stores will be slightly adjusted mainly by consumer spending habits change, consumers will choose the platform shopping, move to online shopping market. Online shopping will also impact the consumption patterns of clothing footwear, online shopping market forecast for this year will rise 6.5%, but with the online shopping consumption in 2013 to return to the main business, clothing shoes in 2013 will be a strong development, construction industry is expected to continue to improve in the second half of this year. (editor in chief: Qiu AI)After seeing the Jordan brand is held in Paris street basketball match Quai 54 to create special Air Jordan 1, the Jordan brand officially released for the summit to design the actual basketball tool Air Jordan XXXI Low. This white Flyweave with black leather shoes and a body, with blue and red tongue and ornament in bottom, heel are respectively equipped with Jumpman and Quai 54 logo, finally equipped with transparent rubber outsole. item: 921195-154 release date: July 8th air-jordan-31-low-quai-54-release-date-921195-154-4.jpg (185.85 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Air Jordan XXXI Low Quai 54 officially released Upload 08:54 2017-6-29 air-jordan-31-low-quai-54-release-date-921195-154-3.jpg (366.28 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Air Jordan XXXI Low Quai 54 officially released Upload 08:54 2017-6-29 air-jordan-31-low-quai-54-release-date-921195-154-5.jpg (153.57 KB, download times: 4) download attachment Air Jordan XXXI Low Quai 54 officially released Upload 08:54 2017-6-29 air-jordan-31-low-quai-54-release-date-921195-154.jpg (179.04 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Air Jordan XXXI Low Quai 54 officially released Upload 08:54 2017-6-29 air-jordan-31-low-quai-54-release-date-921195-154-2.jpg jordans on sale mens (161.43 KB, download times: 3) 〈0today, inherited the mantle of MAG Nike automatic lacing shoes Nike Hyperadapt 1 in Nike+; App on the sale of lottery day, the attendant, this pair of shoes Nike official pictures will come. As you can see, though not obvious, we can see that Nike has devoted a lot of effort to the design of this pair of shoes - multi layer composite Flyknit upper, multiple luminous electronic elements and automatic shoelaces... When you feel it all, there must be some "imagination come true" feeling. Although it is not clear whether the domestic friends have the opportunity to buy these shoes through official channels, it is certain that no matter how much they cost, it will be very popular. PUMA again with the famous footwear magazine "Sneaker Freaker" teamed up to launch Blaze of Glory "Bloodbath" joint shoes. In 2008, a diver on the east coast of Australia was swallowed by a great white shark, but miraculously survived, telling the world about the legend. Sneaker Freaker is therefore inspired to inject shark design into the PUMA Blaze of Glory. The latest collaboration "Bloodbath" uses a creamy red leather design collocation, rubber soles, mint embellishment and metallic gold PUMA logo makes this "aquatic giant shark" has become more attractive. The partnership has been launched at Packer Shoes, a well-known retail store in New York, and is now available in PUMA stores in other parts of the world.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Beijing at 11:50 on August 18, Liu Xiang hobbled back away from the game he left the public's current Olympic Games last shot. A small fan of Liu Xiang and Liu Xiang, one of the main sponsors serve Nike, television flashed a dazzling gold Nike boots and Liu Xiang limped disappeared in the stadium scenarios. A little sad to tears, stunned colleagues at the screen next to the office, someone shouted: "? How is this possible," the boss of the word to everyone back to reality: Liu Xiang out of the race, we want to change its plan. only the success of the previous two lines layout Shanghai Shanshan Group Corporate Communications phone constantly ringing, a staff of anonymity, said they were in see all sponsors stand. After a few minutes, ???? still working in the office suddenly heard screaming: "! Liu Xiang out of the race with" an employee from the phone that is tailored just to see the Olympic SMS messages. How to do? Dou Renan immediately thought of Cadillac - where their Shunya ad jordan 3 katrina 2018 vertising companies important customer. Less than a month ago, the company produced just for the Cadillac an interactive website, the home page is the spokesperson Liu Xiang, Liu Xiang, the site content is to cheer, called friends to participate in interactive. At the moment, the customer's policy not to change? How to react? As Chief Creative Officer Group ???? help tense. When brand director Cadillac Liu Zhen hear this news, Cadillac advertising agency McCann-Erickson also happens to Liu Zhen office employee, Liu Zhen immediately called together to discuss the program after several colleagues . time with Liu Xiang interpretation of "have my strong China" brand advertising internal Yili Group began urgent consultations. Previously, Liu Gang, general manager of Olympic Affairs Erie has revealed that during the Olympic Games, Buy Yili milk, carried the Olympic gold medal award guess how much activity is to pave the way for Liu Xiang's gold medal. On the ensuing media is a new version of the ad Erie. If Liu Xiang did not win the gold medal, he said:. "We will certainly be prefabricated" Liu Xiang Aokang Group, chairman and president Wang Tao as the sole spokesperson picked up the phone, he decided to personally urge discuss response options. Planning Center Aokang Group brand Club Jung, director of the interview with this reporter, he said in July this year, O'Connell shoes last year when Liu Xiang signed a two-year contract, it will not be 100 percent ready to Liu Xiang wins gold medal preparation. Liu Xiang won the championship if O'Connell will continue to use the current version of the ad - "let the world hear the footsteps of China." Once Liu Xiang did not win the championship, O'Connell will continue to support Liu Xiang, and ad version will be changed to - "As long as there are hearts dream, as long as the pace did not stop, you're champions." At that time, O'Connell has bought the August 21 (110 meters hurdles final date) until August 27, CCTV and local TV advertising time is important. Also it formed a special "O'Connell Liu Xiang cheering" for the Liu Xiang refueling. Indeed, most sponsors include Nike, including two sets of plans have done: winning and not winning, but just not to retire. Online and offline, all the posture has been opened for these two clues before the game. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; After 12 hours: public opinion monitoring, strategic planning At the end of this lack of competition, Liu Xiang rou cheap air jordans online nd, where the company several high-level small A short Short brief meeting is over. Small A and his colleagues received the order began to get busy. They want to give some close contact with Nike media reporter called in dozens of minutes, the main purpose is twofold: First, to understand the attitude of the media Liu; the second is to understand the media reporter Liu intends to report, and suggested that the weakening in media reports He does not even mention running shoes. Meanwhile, media monitoring companies and PR agencies in the first time began to collect netizens comment on Liu Xiang out of the race. Nike's marketing department staff also emergency contact its advertising agency W + K creative company, Nike is mainly to discuss: how, what kind of ways to create a new ad. Liu Zhen then quickly open the page to see the voice of friends, one is that Liu should not give up, even if it is to climb the end; the other is that the Liu Xiang has the right to give up, which is the himself, responsible for the future. everyone's views were collision, Liu Zhen from a long-term point of view, Liu Xiang athletic career is just an episode, the future must be able to stand up again. And colleagues also reflect on from the debate together, in the end what is the Olympic spirit, higher, faster, stronger behind it must win the gold medal? Is not there should be more understanding, friendship and fair? After a short discussion, Liu Zhen and his team have strengthened the view that Liu Xiang spirit and brand identity remains consistent with Cadillac, Cadillac needs this time Liu Xiang refueling and blessings. afternoon, Cadillac quickly developed a new program of site content, and canceled scheduled for the evening of 21 Cadillac owners and invite friends to see Liu Xiang, the final event, called friends together to support Liu Xiang. After the plan submitted, GM has been working with the leadership of Liu Xiang Liu Xiang is also very positive, support, on the 18th night, the plan was approved. out of concern for Liu Xiang, Liu Zhen that night but also specifically to the Chinese Athletics coach Sun Haiping, including Liu Xiang, I sent a condolence letter made it clear that the Cadillac for their support and blessing. Sina related topics in the afternoon until 22 o'clock at night and constantly upload more, including Erie, O'Connell, Nike, China Ping An Insurance, Coca-Cola, Shanghai General Motors, several companies publicly express jordan shoes online sale ed support for Liu Xiang, understanding and look forward to a comeback statement. After twelve days, other sponsors have also carried out a similar position. Hill & Knowlton Feng Fan told reporters: "General encountered such an emergency, our first time going to communicate with customers, ask them what kind of effect you want to achieve in this matter, then Sponsored by us to help make some of the press releases. The writing is similar to the Liu Xiang of this press release, the wording is very important, will be more focused on the understanding and support of Liu Xiang, generally do not involve business and therefore will be affected, or how much business losses. In the meantime, we also look at the mainstream news on the matter of the main tone, according to current opinion, to criticize the reports were not mainstream Liu Xiang, so the press release to conform to public opinion first. " Second, enterprises should clear success on the sports field is very common thing, the business will have high and low, and there is the risk of betting the athletes themselves, the greater the greater the fame of the athletes gains, the more risk Great, so companies have to be very patient, to learn, etc., and discovery. If Liu Xiang to win again the face of this setback, the information and publicity will be more noticeable than Liu Xiang has been undefeated, greater advertising effect. August 19: rumors, judging events and marketing results August 19, Nike's Liu Xiang Pian "love sports, even if it breaks your heart," the ad in Metropolis published, and media coverage race. The next day, in the course of the production site in Cadillac, Liu Zhen received a colleague sent a message, the content is on the network spread Liu Xiang inside, about a certain brand of insider exposure The brand manipulate the material is out of the race issue. Liu Zhen heart passing touch worry: If the rumors are true, it will affect the company's brand image. As the Cadillac brand director, since the shooting of advertising and public relations activities and other matters, including Liu Zhen Zeng and Liu Xiang coach Sun Haiping and Liu Xiang's parents have been in contact. With the understanding of Liu Xiang, Liu Zhen quickly denied the rumors of authenticity, decided to proceed as originally planned. Liu Xiang to retire after 36 childhood, support Liu Xiang's new theme activities Cadillac site launched. Liu Xiang after the game the next day, when a reporter Shanshan Group page opens, Liu Xiang advertising is still in the most prominent position, who requested anonymity, he told reporters Mr: Since Liu Shanshan garment made spokesman, the reaction and the sales market is very good, so Liu Xiang is a national hero and a powerful edge this point the audience is unquestionable. "Our answer and, like other sponsors. Our attitude is very clear, is still very supportive of Liu Xiang, Liu Xiang, although it will sponsor its original plans disrupted, but the enterprise must understand that this will not affect the quality of their products, the sponsor if the reaction is too extreme (such as replacing Liu) only leaving public corporate brand doubt, because it is their own business rejected the enterprise itself. " at 16 o'clock on August 19, the Queen has produced a Liu Xiang as the protagonist of advertising, in CCTV, Sina and other sites on the 163 E-mail suffix, "There are dreams, there is the next flight, look forward to Liu Xiang Return of the King ", a pop-up broadcast. Nike rapid introduction of different print media advertising, Erie is more focused on the portal. From the point of view television advertising, as well as the Queen's spokesperson Guo Jingjing and Yi Jianlian. "'I have a strong China' the idea in addition to Liu Xiang, the Guo Jingjing, Chinese badminton team are involved in. The idea will continue to follow down." But this time, it may be the most exciting one sponsor the message began to spread: "Liu Xiang brother proved, drink Coca-Cola, eat Nutrilite, brush VISA credit card, wearing Nike gold boots, spend ems, drinking Yili milk, legs still felt weak!" a sponsor's public relations staff that reporters pass past information, with the three exclamation to reply: and our brand does not matter! That is a certain brand of wrong! Liu Xiang is a foot! According to her privately revealed that the brand communication strategy at this point is: as long supported on the line, do not be too "outcrop."As everyone knows this year Jordan Brand would give everyone a big wave of engraved Air Jordan 6, is not and could not wait for you? Today, the network is released this Air Jordan 6 Carmine HD real map, let us preview. The shoe body with white and red rouge mosaic, black bottom, blue crystal with large base, the overall effect is very eye-catching. item: 384664-160 release date: May 24th 1-140204091J1.jpg (107.13 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-4 09:31 upload 1-140204091J5.jpg (130.76 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-4 09:31 upload 1-140204091J6.jpg (96.48 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-4 09:31 upload 1-140204091J9.jpg (134.94 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-4 09:31 upload 1-140204091K1.jpg (87.45 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-4 09:31 upload 1-140204091K4.jpg (84.63 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-4 09:31 upload 1-140204091K6.jpg (95.41 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-4 09:31 upload 1-140204091K8.jpg (71.1 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-4 09:31 upload renderings, Jordan, carmine, mosaic, eye-catching 00 held in Shanghai Shanghai inspection and quarantine inspection and Appraisal Association Specialized Committee was established before the Congress and the ceremony. The committee is by far the first national industry organization examination professional, it marks the establishment of the Shanghai inspection and Quarantine Bureau to improve the inspection market in Shanghai area the supervision work has achieved initial results, to promote and improve the Shanghai and even the national inspection market supervision system, promote the development of the industry and standardize the inspection, maintenance test of industry market order will play an active role. the newly established inspection and identification; Specialized Committee has 23 member units; all of them are the inspection and accreditation institutions authorized by the Shanghai General Administration of quality supervision and quarantine. The first professional committee director and deputy director respectively by the Shanghai region's largest domestic inspection agency inspection group Shanghai company and multinational inspection agency standards technical services Co. Ltd. Shanghai branch as. The Commission also invited officials and scholars from the Shanghai inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Shanghai WTO Affairs Advisory Centre and the East China University of political science and law as consultants. the work of the Committee task is: actively promoting the relevant national inspection and identification of "href= laws regulations and management regulations, the transfer of management information and dynamic government members of the organization in a timely manner; units on the relevant provisions of examination management is discussed, and put forward opinions and suggestions to the competent department of the government. Collect member of the difficulties encountered in the work and the problems need to be solved, to provide countermeasures and suggestions for the relevant departments; internal coordination between members, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of member units, providing daily inspection and authentication business and legal regulations as members of the advisory services, to help solve problems. The illegal business of inspection and authentication, forgery, fraudulent use, transfer and sale of illegal identification of certificate of violations of laws and regulations in a timely manner to the supervision and management of government departments to report, and assist in the investigation; provide relevant inspection and appraisal of management and technology as the member of the as Nike's without any such as air max, flyknit and Hyperfuse and other modern technology is one of the few shoes, like a gust of wind blew shoes industry technology mist Nike Internationalist, prove that the combination of simple suede and mesh cloth, small fresh also have market. Today brings this silver color is abandoned before the blue or light green such gorgeous color matching method and the simple gray and black upper match silver swoosh, low-key and nice outfit, like a friend can be purchased at Titolo. Nike Internationalist number: 631755-200source: TitoloWEST NYC x Saucony Shadow 5000 2013-12-08 22:57:14 joint shoes exposure spy remember last year famous fashion store WEST NYC teamed up with New Balance launched the MT580 Alpine Guide feel very outdoor? The WEST NYC in the new year and invited to another American shoe brand Saucony launched a joint project, the type of shoes chose Saucony ace Shadow retro running shoes; 5000, currently only a spy exposure, in the future we will continue to follow-up reports, please continue to pay attention to many jogging shoes.Street brand Brain Dead officially released a joint cooperation with Vans, but not the last exposure of pink Era at the end of last year, but two pairs of new Sk8-Hi shoes. Designer Kyle Ng choose black, green two kinds of solid colors as the main tune, Sk8-Hi classic high cylinder shoes from leather and suede woven Vans signature type plaid pattern, in the side and the bottom can also see Brain Dead logo Logo and words embellishment, highlight brand. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in January 14th, like friends may wish to pay attention to.