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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Belle [14.28 0.71%] (01880, HK) has become increasingly obvious ambition oligarchs. Yet integrated domestic sporting goods retail industry, now still no absolute giant, Belle recent series of acquisitions action revealed Yuzuo industry oligarchy intent. Late last year, the acquisition of Belle southern China's largest sports brand agency enterprises in Shenzhen leader Sporting Goods Co., yesterday (March 21) Belle also announced the acquisition of more than 600 stores BIGSTEP company, the company mainly engaged in Nike and Adidas and other sports brands. "Belle shot again, Nike and adidas distributor, has been described Belle intent sporting goods retail channel for the terminal." Shanghai Brand Management Ltd. CEO Cui Hongbo right view to the "Daily Economic News" reporter pointed out that in sales When channels continue to expand, the Belle To fight the boss's ambition is gradually clear. Belle last year to open 1,025 stores With the re-start terminal 600 stores, Belle for the sporting goods industry has been gradually clear channel layout. Belle 2011 results, the company in the sporting goods market already has 14,950 stores, and sporting goods brand Li Ning as [9.08 0.55%] and Anta layout also just under 8,000 stores. Belle represents the number of new stores in 2011 reached 1025, store growth rate once reached 28.0%. 2011 In November the Belle southern China's largest sports brand agency Enterprise Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Shenzhen leader put under the arm. Shenzhen leader Founded in 1988, its agents, including Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Li Ning and many other well-known brands, with nearly 800 stores. In order to quickly capture market share in the Pearl River Delta region, Belle to lead the merger of sports let Tao Bo sports leader and Shenzhen combined, no doubt greatly enhance the Belle of the spo Cheap foamposites for sale rts agent industry position and competitiveness. It is reported that the acquisition transaction total Belle leader in 1.1 billion yuan in Shenzhen. However, the acquisition of Shenzhen leader in less than six months, Belle again shot. It is reported that, BIGSTEP terminal in the country has more than 600 sales outlets, the main agent for the brand Nike and Adidas. Belle estimates, after the transaction, BIGSTEP the terminal stores annual sales will reach 20 billion yuan. From the Belle's earnings can be found Belle sporting goods store terminal terminal shops although much higher than its footwear products, sporting goods store terminal is 14,950, and footwear shops of only 10,270, but terminal benefits from shop footwear is far higher than the sporting goods terminal. Belle's total sales last year, 289 billion, of which the contribution from the sports goods of only 10.4 billion yuan. Belle Why still continue to expand the scale of sports? Cui Hongbo told reporters that, in the sporting goods retail in this industry, is unlikely to have the new distribution network, because the network has been controlled over. Only continue to expand, will have a chance of winning. Investment Advisor Xiong Xiaokun said that in order to break through the bottleneck of growth in recent years, facing Belle adjust business structure since 2009, its 2010 full-year revenue of 23.71 billion yuan, which accounted for 61.8% of the footwear business, annual growth rate of 24.9 %, it shows good growth, sports or business will become a new growth point in the future Belle. Exacerbate two giant hegemony trend Even Belle continues to do large-scale, but still want to sit away from the location of the oligarchs. An industry source predicted that "the future of the Chinese sporting goods retail market will be increasingly concentrated, the top three retailers control the jordans on sale online market share is likely to more than 80 percent." The data show that in 2010 the domestic sports goods manufacturing and marketing industries created income reached 160 billion yuan, since 2000 the market is growing at more than 20% average annual growth rate of development. Clearly, the industry oligopoly temptation is great. However, to sit tight in the position of industry leader, Belle still has to cross the threshold. In 2007, in order to combat Belle, Bao Sheng International [0.99 0.00%] two sports giant, Shenzhen leader, Jin Long, Sichuan, Zhejiang RLT, Shenyang Pengda these four regional sports marketing giant to set up a joint Body Group (UnitedSportGroup, USG), form the three pillars of the situation. However, due to excessive betting Beijing Olympics brought favorable market, and affected by the financial crisis, the venture capital company is not in place, resulting in a capital chain rupture, USG disbanded in late 2008. Now, we can compete with Belle sports brand agents only Pou Sheng International, which has more than 3,000 outlets in China and thousands of store associates. As in 2005, the home appliance industry in 2006 and 2000 before and after mergers and acquisitions wave of beer industry mergers and acquisitions wave fusion of these two industry giants, sports channels, the industry has also been demonstrated to "oligarch era" trend. (Chinese shoes Network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear News)eye-catching red Reebok's popular shoes Freestyle Hi recently launched a new color "Excellent Red"". It is still a classic high - cylinder model, with bright red leather running through the shoe and extending to the midsole of EVA and rubber outsole. The two VELCRO at the top of the Velcro straps? And thickening of the collar of the shoe can greatly improve the comfort, the girls do not hurry? -- -- -- -- -- -- -- exte Cheap foamposites for sale nded reading -- -- -- -- -- -- Apple announces final release of iPhone 6 , the boss is having trouble again! "Evil boss 2" Trailer uses apples instead of Apple's secrets. 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It is reported that the two colors will be limited to 12 pairs sold, and only in March 15th on the same day at Harrods sale, very scarce. 〉 last weekend, hip-hop king Ludacris in his Georgia Straits hotel is located in the state of Atlanta hospitality rock star Tommy Lee, which shows one of the newest Air Jordan.html" for us; target=" _blank" 〉 Jordan IV (4) Retro replica, the shoes with original color black / red - ash cement. Along with Tommy Lee, there's Keshia Knight Pulliam, the glamorous film star, and the other manager of the picture is Ludacris, the Zulu manager, Chaka. Source: Battle shoes Wang hip hop Reds; Ludacris party; sneaker show; Adidas Originals; grand joint plan comments on : "hip hop reds, Ludacr jordans on sale mens is party, shoe show" next: adidas Originals's biggest joint project Kanye West was recently filmed in the streets of California, the focus is on his feet to wear shoes, is a more popular in Europe and Japan, has a hundred year history of the Finland sports brand Karhu Karhu Fusion 2 product, "Mount Pallas Caramel", but only $$140. The most interesting is that, although Kanye did not wear Adidas, but Karhu Adidas earlier than the original three lines Logo, and in 1951 the trademark rights to Adidas, and then has been changed to "M" the word Logo has been used, is also have some relationship with adidas. It seems that Adidas really gives Kanye West a lot of freedom. Even the brand he wears doesn't have a hard and fast rule. 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Hukkit team driver Peter Bethal (Peter Bethell), his steed is 2016 Scott Gambler 710 Sean McCullough (Sean mccarrol) and XL giant glory advanced, he chose XL to the pipe placed his little Valet, you can see, Rachel Throop instagramSophie (Sophie Tyas) - Elias and her XS code Banshee LegendHill (Hill-Wright Ronja) LegendBansheeAmanda Monck (Monk Amanda), Summum Carbon Mondraker chariot in the lov jordans for sale e of Mark · Dunlop (Dunlop Mark) memory is currently the New Zealand national champion Columbus Alana (Columb Alanna), Cruz V10SantaGil Norco (Kintner Jill), custom color of the AurumMacfarlane (Conor Macfarlane) - Kona, and his version of the Knolly Podiumfree riding God Ryan Howard (Ryan Howard), Trek Session Park customized. He is the only driver without the chain. Michael Males (Melles Michael) and his Legend Banshee. Sam Reynolds (Sam Blenkinsop) and Norco Aurum tanks, and customized roller chain guide. 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PUMA R698 Winterized brings a whole new "Burgundy" Wish ATL X by Vans Fine Wine & Olives series of "red wine and olives" as inspiration for the design of Vault : a review ink decorative details! PUMA R698 Winterized brings a new "Burgundy" color to the next one: Wish ATL x Vault by Vans joint "Fine Wine & Olives" series, wit cheap air jordans h "red wine and olives" as the design inspiration Italy function outdoor brand Stone Island and shoe brand Diemme cooperation, for the 2015 autumn winter season prepared a pair of joint Marostica Mid shoes. Drum in the use of black leather and high profile blue suede high texture Handmade made with silver metal shoe buckle as details add to a sense of luxury, the tongue on both sides of the joint marked embellishment, then clean is equipped with white vulcanized rubber soled. Currently, the shoes have been purchased through END., priced at about $363 U. S. dollars. 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Chinese students were used to guns! - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Asics, X, Atoms, Gel, Lyte, V, Camo joint camouflage shoes pays tribute to the history of Originals Adidas Originals Trefoil Logo luxury texture BUSCEMI 100mm, "Wheat Gum" color, simple and neat, Rick Owens black boots comments on : luxury textures, BUSCEMI, 100mm, Wheat, Gum, color, next: simple, neat, Rick, Owens, black boots, I think you are not unfamiliar with Solebox and Packer Shoes, these two top name shoes, and all the stores have maintained close cooperative relationship with Adidas all the time. Three earlier convenience to come together, around Adidas's popular shoes UltraBOOST Mid launched design, launched a new ride. After a period of waiting, online also finally had photos of the shoes, uppers of blue and gray color as the main theme, with ice blue details as the ornament, as embellishment in the heel and tongue as well as Solebox and Packer Shoes words, love friends may pay more attention to the launch on November. PUMA has also launched a new color Clyde for NBA all stars. is the first history for NBA players launched a personal signature shoe brand, the 2017NBA all star on the occasion, to bring a new color for this pair of classic PUMA Clyde, launched a pair of PUMA Clyde East vs. so West Pack. Its simple and classic white as the background, at both sides of the Logo, respectively, represented by the NBA all star, the red and blue of the East and West presents, very catering to the theme of NBA all stars. There is no doubt that these shoes will be on sale during the all star weekend. Grand Theft Auto reproduces all star PUMA Clyde East vs. West Pack PumaPuma ClydeWheat originally thought the cyclone has subsided, who knows Jordan Brand was hold the big move! The day before the network released a Air Jordan 4 spy photos, Wheat design and overall design style should have different approaches but equally satisfactory results before sale. However, this will not just the tip of the iceberg? The next will launch Air Jordan Wheat series? Let us wait and see! 920fda58jw1f7biv3r1hgj20wu0oawjm.jpg (160.36 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 4 Wheat 2016-8-30 09:44 Air Jordan upload 4, Wheat, aj4 Tony 2016-8-30 08:30 on this topic by the 00 generationAs Jordan Brand's birth was 30th anniversary this year, is bound to set off a wave of engraved in the history of madness, and earlier we also continue to notice all Jordan Brand will be staged wonderful, but today let us look at them again landing time. release date: January 10thPrice: item: 314254-107 1.jpg (85.12 KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Brand of project launched in 2015 2015-1-15 10:46 upload Air release date: January 10thPrice: item: 695515-001 2.jpg (67.03 KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Brand of project launched in 2015 2015-1-15 10:46 upload release date: January 17thPrice: item: 579591-010 3.jpg (204.46 KB, download number: 9) download Jordan Brand of project launched in 2015 2015-1-15 10:46 upload Jordan XX9 BHM release date: January 17thPrice: item: 727133-110 4.jpg (31.29 KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Brand of project launched in 2015 2015-1-15 10:46 upload release date: January 17thPrice: 0yesterday engraved version you read Air Jordan 5 after an angry bull, almost booed. Nike was accused of getting no sincerity. I just want to say, you are right. Nike how to put the shoes fans down to what extent? I don't know either?? Recently this period of time, that is neither short nor long, had several chilling thing happened. Air Jordan 13 Chicago moldy just in the United States near Air Jordan on sale in the 13 part mold problem is serious, difficult to accept, but Nike has to solve the problem. We don't know our friends have not encountered a similar problem? Air Jordan 15 Air Jordan 15 is a lot of simple shoes fans dubbed the iron in fighter design inspiration, the most special is the tongue design, inspired by Michael Jordan tongue in the game phenomenon. In the publicity, the name Zoom Air Nike once before and after the publicity posters, however, after the dismantling, this pair of AJ15 Zoom Air has sole vanished. No configuration is reduced, but the price was raised. if there is no dismantling, we may still don't know it with jane. Now Air Jordan 15 Retro and also a new color "Obsidian", we have also said that not only consider buying simple. Nike Hyperdunk 2008 Nike Hyperdunk 2008 last year with Jane, engraved shoes fans are happy for a while, but I heard Zoom Air, carbon fiber board. News. This is our memory for Hyperdunk 08? don't cancel the carbon fiber plate in order to save costs?? KD9 tube The defect of design is a BUG, middle KD9 conduit or not on both sides of air cushion, but it is easy to fracture is the fact that cannot be changed. There are many shoes wearing KD9 reaction "hit several times in the infield, not what strength, just put that pressure several times off the road." hey, no creative work, and very touching. Motionless on the ultra limited super price Nike now in matters of conscience, is already better than past. Paul George Nike PG1 has been the signature nike shoes fans friends favored since launch. Recently, UNDEFEATED x Air Jordan 4 in the upcoming release of Elements color, shoes with olive green color collocation suede material to create black lining light orange detail embellishment, in the bottom of the white ink design is on the pitch and in daily life can be a perfect control of a shoe. It is reported that Nike PG1 Elements on June 17th officially landed in China District, pricing for the 849RMB, love friends do not miss. Nike Air Jordan1_201003170824131n5ya.jpg (59.22 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-17 08:57 upload 1_201003170825331iL6P.jpg (64.85 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-17 08:57 upload 1_201003170825441jF6C.jpg (53.37 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-17 08:57 upload 1.jpg (30.93 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-9-1 16:33 upload Saucony is one of the 〈br more="" photos="" below... 2.jpg (27.76 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-9-1 16:33 upload 3.jpg (28.33 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 〉 2008-9-1